Below are my positions on some of the major issues facing our district and Connecticut. When available, I have provided links to reports or articles that I used in forming my opinion. I don’t agree with all aspects of all the reports and I am not endorsing the organizations that produced them, but they provide a starting point for a fact-based, reasonable discussion. If you have a different position or additional information, send it to me. I will read it. I will meet with you and discuss your position and ideas. I plan to spend a lot of time listening and reading during this campaign, and if elected, when I am your Senator. And feel free to send me information from a variety of sources, whether it is The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, Connecticut Voices for Children, The Yankee Institute for Public Policy, The Connecticut Institute for the 21st Century, The Connecticut Council of Small Towns, Connecticut’s Finances or others. I don’t want to live or legislate in a bubble or an echo chamber. We need to get back to rational, well-informed, evidence-based debate in our state and country. When I learn something new that can help me make better decisions on behalf of my constituents, I will revisit my positions. What will not change are my core values: honesty, hard work, and a love for the district and state.

PAID FOR BY Statchen for Connecticut, Anne-Marie Foster, Treasurer. Approved by Bob Statchen.