Since 1959, the Connecticut Senate has been controlled by the Democrats for all but eight years (including two years when it was tied). Politically, that means Republicans think they must continually (and constantly) criticize Connecticut and our state government. This results in a lot of Connecticut bashing and sometimes, misinformation. There is definitely room for improvement (CT ranked 21st in U.S. News & World Report). For example, ignoring the debt on our pensions since 1939 has resulted in a third of our current budget being spent on debt expenses. That needs to be addressed. However, on this page, I want to post some of the good things about Connecticut. I'm a born and bred Connecticut Yankee and proud to be from the land of steady habits. Here are some of the positive things about Connecticut that we all should remember as we work to become even better!

October 2, 2019

CT Ranked Sixth for Energy Efficiency

June 25, 2020

Prolific in Patents, CT holds No. 4 spot on Bloomberg Innovation Ranking

September 4, 2019

CT Ranked Third for Educational Opportunities and Performance

December 2019

United Health Foundation's 2019 America's Heath Rankings show that CT is 4th Healthiest State in the Nation

PAID FOR BY Statchen for Connecticut, Anne-Marie Foster, Treasurer. Approved by Bob Statchen.