Regionalizing some of our services and the way we do business can increase our purchasing power, reduce costs for municipalities and the state, and help keep your property tax bill low. If we do it thoughtfully, we can also retain local control over the things that are important in our communities.


Reports from the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities and the Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments both make valuable contributions to the discussion. With this research, towns can continue to explore ways to partner with neighboring communities to save money and keep property tax payments under control, without giving up local decision-making powers.


Leaders at the state should create incentives to alleviate the initial costs required to implement these programs. Connecticut is the land of steady habits, which can make it hard for towns to reach out and work together for the first time.  But we are also known for our frugality and being home to many a “cheap yankee.” We need to bring all these qualities to the table and reduce the tax burden on our citizens and help our economy grow.

PAID FOR BY Statchen for Connecticut, Anne-Marie Foster, Treasurer. Approved by Bob Statchen.